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The plethora of data in this day and age poses new challenges, and we help our clients to face them. By identifying patterns and correlations in the data, we can derive statements that expand our clients’ knowledge about their business and make it permanently usable. While doing so, we make use of a wide variety of well-established statistical methods of analysis.


With the help of innovative forecasting methods, we develop precise forecasts. Traditional procedures as well as techniques from the field of machine learning reliably predict future developments. We link environmental information and correlations with economic, market, and weather data with historical developments intelligently in order to recognize changes in trends early.


Prototypes are made into constant solutions. We take on the implementation and automation of solutions and support their integration into the company-wide business and IT concept through a user-oriented interface design. Our dashboards und reports allow for interactive usage and individualization of the results.

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Our data scientists have extensive knowledge of the latest forecasting methodology. With the help of their excellent R, Python, Java, and SQL skills, they implement highly individualized solutions for our customers every day. This encompasses informative reporting on as well as intelligent processing of their data.



We are also happy to offer you standardized software solutions. With the modular SaaS solution future you can address your predictive analytics applications autonomously and cost-effectively. By finding out today what's coming up tomorrow, you make the future concrete and plan with a higher certainty. We are by your side.

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We have future in mind

The forecasting landscape for SMEs.

With our future-landscape, we offer SMEs a modular kit with which they can develop their own predictive analytics solutions.

Thanks to extensive explanations, the individual modules of our future-landscape are also for non-data scientists the method of choice to autonomously, clearly and cost-effectively devote to the forecasting of their own company data.
We would be happy to support you in selecting exactly the modules that you need for your problem.

future - dailyFORECAST

With our futureFORECAST you can independently analyze your data for patterns, trends and seasonality and other properties. On a daily basis, the dailyFORECAST makes objective and accurate forecasts for the future. Because who knows how incoming orders, material requirements or the utilization of means of transport will behave in the next few days, plans more securely: whether machine capacities, personnel requirements or means of transport.

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The appropriate workshop for you: Book us for a few days for an intensive discussion that will put you on the right path!

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"Lighthouse" is our Java-based software library with sophisticated functionality options for predicting time series data of different granularity. For example, the software library is integrated into LucaNet’s "Predictive Analytics App", where it enhances the monthly financial planning of LucaNet.Planner customers with fully automated forecasts.

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Indicator Matching

We investigate a series of economic indicators and other influencing factors to see whether and to what degree they have predictive properties for your business. This insight allows you to act proactively and be optimally prepared for upcoming economic developments.

about our indicator matching service


Get to know us - Case Studies & more.

Case Study - Finance

Sales forecasting

We establish an automated planning and controlling system which generates objective and precise sales forecasts in a very short time. High quality forecasts allow for safe planning, so that you can recognize positive and negative developments early and are able to react to them.

Download Case Study (German)
Case Study
Case Study - Energy

Energy forecasting

For your energy budget planning, use a forecasting system that generates objective forecasts based on the history of your data and relevant influencing factors.

Download Energy Forecasting Case Study (German)
Case Study
Case Study - Supply Chain

Demand Forecasting

Make use of your ERP data and reduce manual planning effort with your own demand forecasting solution. It immediately and automatically performs demand forecasting for articles or article groups for the next weeks and months.

Download Demand Forecasting Case Study (German)
Use Case
Leaflet - prognostica

discover tomorrow

prognostica is an upstarting software and consulting company based in Würzburg, specialized in Predictive Analytics and Data Science. Our interdisciplinary team creates systems that deliver precise and objective forecasts. Using these, users can improve their finance, production, sales or demand planning.

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Are you convinced that your company data holds valuable information?


Are your datasets too complex to analyze with simple methods?


Do your instincts tell you that there is a connection between your data and economic developments?


Do you want to reinforce your monthly manual forecasts with objective numbers?


Do you not have the time to carry out this great amount of data analysis and forecasting again and again?


Do you want to move forward into a digitalized world, but a lack of specialized personnel prevents you from doing so?


Do you want a prototypical solution to be developed from your analytical approaches?


Do you want your data to be displayed informatively and appealingly at last?


Do you need assistance in operationalizing your possible solutions?

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Within the framework of our prognostica Discovery Workshops we visit your company to explore your data and Use Cases as well as further approaches. If applicable, we devise a prototype.

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If you are satisfied with our work, commission us to implement the solution.

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We develop the prototype into a fully functioning system with comprehensive functionality—available anytime and fully automated.



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