Shaping the future on the basis of valid data

Are you ready to use intelligent data-based forecasting models to build scenarios for the future of your company's data? Do you want to dare to look into the future and take its development in your own hands? Have you ever felt the need to quantify the certainty of your planning to be quantified and, at best, visualized? Then be a pioneer and start now with our futureSHAPER!

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Discover how influencing factors influence your business

How does the manufacturing cost of my product evolve if the price of oil increases by 10% by August?

How does my electricity demand evolve next year if the summer turns out hot like 2018?

How will my company sales develop if consumer sentiment in Germany remains at the same low level for another 3 months as during the current crisis?

This is what you can achieve with the help of the futureSHAPER

Find correlations

Determine which factors have how much influence on your business: Economic indicators? Raw material prices? The weather? The Corona crisis? Bring your own influencing factors or benefit from our selection.

Build scenarios

With our futureSHAPER, you can model different scenarios with just a few clicks, giving you a comprehensive view of your potential business development. Within a few minutes you will get best & worst case scenarios including the corresponding nuances in between and can control the effects of a different development of your influencing factors.

Compute forecasts

Determine what impact the different scenarios have on the development of your business or your issue. Well-founded, data-based forecasts in numerical and graphical form allow you to incorporate the results directly into your business decisions.

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