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Article in the magazine "Wirtschaftsinformatik & Management"

Since the topic Predictions fits so well with prognostica, we got the opportunity to contribute an article to the magazine “Wirtschaftsinformatik & Management” by Springer-Verlag. In the article we took up a topic that we encounter again and again in our daily work: the interaction between human and machine in the area of ​​sales and demand forecasts. The basic idea is: good forecasts alone are not sufficient. Forecast systems can only make a lasting contribution to successful supply chain planning if people are recognized as an integral part of the process. This basic idea is summarized under the term “Augmented Intelligence”:

Augmented Intelligence = Human + AI

The article “The true success factor for Sales & Demand Predictions is Augmented Intelligence” has been available online for a few days and can be read and shared in German here. Have fun!

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