Avoidance of Customer Churn

How will customer migration develop?

Companies generally do not want to lose their customers. Various aspects play a role in whether a customer is satisfied – permanently. These include positive customer or user experiences and the price of the product. It is important to examine these aspects and evaluate their influence on customer churn. Which customers are likely to migrate if no countermeasures are taken? What are the success factors for permanently satisfied customers?

Solution: user dashboard shows customers who are at risk of churn

Those who recognize warning signals early on can take (counter)measures at an early stage. Important factors of customer (dis)satisfaction are determined. With the help of a user dashboard, the responsible account manager can be specifically informed about those customers for whom there is a high risk of churn. The success and risk factors for customer churn are clearly displayed and monitored.

Benefits: retention of customers and satisfaction

  • Identification of the success factors of customer satisfaction
  • Securing regular customers and customer satisfaction
  • Planning reliability of future sales

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