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Predictive Maintenance - Avoidance of Unplanned Production Downtimes

When and where does which machine have to be serviced?

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Demand Forecasts using Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

How many articles of what kind will be in demand in the near future?

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Image Recognition with the Help of Artificial Intelligence

Quality checks in production by artificial intelligence

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Sales Forecast - Recognizing Trend Reversals

How will company sales develop in the future?

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Price Forecasts - Keeping an Eye on Costs

How will the price develop in the future?

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Avoidance of Customer Churn

How can customer migration be avoided?

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Generative AI - personalised chatbots for your business

Reach new levels of knowledge management and data quality with your personalised AI-chatbot

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Safety Stock Optimization

What is the appropriate inventory level to reduce inventory costs while still being able to ship?

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Best Scheduling of Resources

How can the available resources be used optimally?

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Reliable Prediction of Energy Forecast

How high is the energy demand in the next weeks?

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Increase Employee Satisfaction and Avoid Churn

How can human resources data be used to optimise decision-making processes?

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Master Data Management with Data Analytics

How to get reliably maintained master data

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Environmental Protection with Satellite Data

How can the situation of forests be monitored and improved?


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